MicaFort is a range of lamellar minerals manufactured from Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica which are distinguished by their high aspect ratio and high thermal stability.

LKAB Minerals exclusively source MicaFort from strategic partners and our own high quality deposits globally. By using our extensive mineral processing knowledge we produce a wide portfolio of Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica products to suit many applications.

MicaFort product uses

The main markets for LKAB Minerals' MicaFort are polymers, coatings and construction.

MicaFort in polymers

MicaFort finds increasing use in thermoplastic compounds. Compared to other minerals used to replace glass-fibers in polyamide MicaFort:

  • efficiently reduces warpage,
  • improves the surface finish,
  • gives an optimal balance of isotropic mechanical and dimensional properties and
  • an excellent reinforcement by itself or in combination with glass fiber.

Our comparisons of MicaFort to other mineral fillers in polypropylene show that these compounds:

  • have a superior modulus,
  • show an isotropic reduction of the Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE),
  • have an increased heat defection temperature
  • gain the opportunity of a density reduction.

Other polymers benefitting from MicaFort's unique properties include PE, TPO and PBT. Duroplastic polymers like polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic can all gain enhanced performance and durability. Elastomeric systems show improved reinforcement and excellent mould release properties.

MicaFort in Polymers - in the automotive industry

MicaFort in coatings

Industrial coatings such as marine, anti-corrosive and chemical resistant paints benefit from the inert nature of MicaFort and its ability to form a barrier to aggressive chemicals. Recent tests have shown that best results can be achieved with MicaFort MM75 in two component epoxy coatings. Incorporated into a water based paint, the lamellar extender MicaFort reduces the Mudcracking phenomenon. Using MicaFort will:

  • improve the coatings service life,
  • reduce water vapour permeability and
  • improve the film integrity.

Benefits in roof, wood and tile coatings :

  • improved crack resistance and
  • UV stability during prolonged external exposure.

In cementitious fire resistant coatings used for the protection of structural steel and concrete in commercial construction MicaFort contributes:

  • to lower flammability whilst
  • reinforcing the char to prevent the coating to fail during a fire.

In foundry coatings the key benefits are:

  • a better surface finish,
  • an increased precision of the metal casting and
  • an improved recyclability of the sand cores.

Other applications include mould release coatings for production of rubber tyres, and heat resistant paints.

MicaFort in Coatings


MicaFort for building construction

MicaFort is used in the production of wall boards and cladding to:

  • improve dimensional stability
  • reduce shrinkage,
  • lower weight,
  • increase fire resistance and increase thermal insulation properties.

Other building applications using MicaFort include joint compounds and plasters.

MicaFort in the construction industry - as wall filler

Please visit our applications section to find out more on how to use our products for your application.

MicaFort properties

The high aspect ratio platy particles provide an excellent balance of mechanical, thermal and dimensional properties when used as a functional filler.

Special properties are:

  • chemical inertness
  • hydrophilic nature
  • barrier-forming ability due to parallel particle alignment in matrices
  • high thermal stability (up to 1000°C)
  • elastic but tough particles
  • very low silica content for Phlogopite grades
  • excellent brightness and whiteness for Muscovite grades
  • high dielectric strength and electrical insulation properties

Physical properties:

Specific gravity (g/cm³)
Refractive index
1.58 - 1.6
Mohs' hardness
2 - 3
ph (ISO 787-9)
8 - 9

Chemical properties:

Phlogopite Mica is a hydrated silicate of potassium and magnesium whereas Muscovite Mica a hydrated silicate of potassium and aluminium is.

MicaFort standard grades

Dry ground: PD900, PD200, MD500, MD250, MD150, MD100
Micronised: MM75, SCM-3W, SX300, SX400
Silane Coated PW80S, PW30S
Wet ground: PW80, PW30, R302, R120, R90, P66

MicaFort packaging

Our MicaFort product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Due to the products conditions no bulk solution is available.

Mica origin

Phlogopite is associated with metamorphosed limestone and ultrabasic rocks, particularly hydrothermal veins formed through metasomatism of magnesium-rich rocks as well as ultrabasic and carbonatite ring intrusions associated with ancient shield areas. LKAB Minerals' Phlogopite Mica is sourced from a major deposit in Finland.

Muscovite is a constituent of acid igneous rocks like granite, pegmatite or alaskite, some regionally metamorphosed rocks and clastic sedimentary rocks, ad is a product of alteration. Most commercial deposits are derived from pegmatites which contain 1-2% and rarely up to 10% muscovite. Mica is found in many regions of the world in the form of pegmatite rock and mica schist.

Mica toxicology

Both Micas, Phlogopite and Muscovite are non-toxic natural minerals. For further information please download the Safety Data Sheets in the box on the right.

Please contact us for datasheets on a single grade or further information on our MicaFort product range. You can find our sales contact by choosing your country in the upper right expert box of this page.

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