Iron Ore Pellets

Iron Ore Pellets, Iron Ore Fines and Sinter Fines for use in the steel industry are sold and supplied from our group resources at LKAB Sweden.

The LKAB mines are located in Kiruna and Malmberget in the northern part of Sweden and provide their products to the steel industry. Please follow this link to go to the LKAB website if you need Iron Ore Pellets for steel making.

Natural magnetite pellets

Industrial products manufactured from iron ore

LKAB Minerals sells Iron Ore Pellets for specific other industries, for use in Ferro Alloy and Catlyst production.

For all other industries we supply products that originate from the natural mineral Magnetite but have been processed in various ways. Each of LKAB Minerals’ products have their own specifications, grades and application industries. Our products are:

  • MagnaDense:manufactured for civil engineering, construction and offshore applications
  • MagnaChem: processed for the use in the chemical industry
  • MagniF: processed to be used as a polymer filler
  • Magnetite: used for all other industries

You will find an overview of all applications for which LKAB Minerals supplies products on this website. For additional questions about how your industry can benefit from LKAB Minerals’ products, please contact our regional sales managers.  You can find their contact details via the “expert box” on the top right corner of this page.

Product expert

Marina Hellsten
Sales Manager Magnetite

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