LKAB Minerals first Refractory Technical Seminar LKAB Minerals held their first Refractory Technical Seminar earlier this month

LKAB Minerals holds first Refractory Technical Seminar

September 26, 2016: On Thursday 15th September 2016, LKAB Minerals UK operation held their first Refractory themed Technical Seminar at Forest Pines Hotel, North Lincolnshire.

The event, which was invitation only, was well attended by customers and partners of LKAB Minerals. The day consisted of a morning of presentations followed by afternoon tours of LKAB Minerals Flixborough processing sites. The objective of the day was to strengthen the position of LKAB Minerals as a service provider to the refractory industry whilst showcasing the technical expertise available to their customers.

Darren Wilson presented an introduction to LKAB Minerals and our Sustainable Procurement Policy

The seminar began with an introduction to the company by Darren Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, LKAB Minerals Group & Managing Director for UK & Ireland; followed by an overview of LKAB Minerals Sustainable Procurement strategy & policies and the evaluation, risk assessment and improvements ongoing with suppliers.

Melvyn Bradley, Technical Director for UK & Ireland then commenced the technical presentations, giving an overview of the refractory materials available from LKAB Minerals and the methods & processes involved in developing their range of recycled materials.

A presentation by Tony Hutton (Technical Services Manager) followed, introducing LKAB Minerals testing services; a range of testing services available through the UK’s various laboratories including chemical, physical and particle analysis testing.  

Operations Director, Paul Boustead then gave an introduction to Operational Excellence, Safety First, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), 5S and Focussed Improvement (FI) and the work ongoing at their UK sites.

Melvyn Bradley presented an introduction to the technical services LKAB Minerals offer

The mornings proceedings were concluded with an introduction to the technical work LKAB Minerals offer in the development of new refractory products, particularly using recycled materials. Melvyn Bradley commented ‘With the background Carl Kaighin (Technical Sales Manager) and myself have in refractories, we can work in collaboration with our customers to develop new products which can be tested in our own laboratories, processed at our Toll Manufacturing works and supplied ready for installation. This can be advantageous to smaller refractory producers and customers wanting to develop refractory products using recycled materials.’

Following the final presentation, delegates were given a site induction ahead of the recycled and toll processing site tours. As part of the afternoons tours, delegates were also given a technical demonstration in their Flixborough laboratory using recycled materials.

LKAB Minerals seminar delegates toured Flixborough's processing sites

‘We are keen to emphasise our positioning as a service provider to the refractory industry’ says Darren Wilson.  ‘Trust and integrity are a key part of our service offering, especially when working with our customers to develop new products. The seminar has assisted in ensuring our position in the market is clear to our customers as well as enabling us to showcase our technical and processing capability.’  

Feedback from customers has been positive and LKAB Minerals plan to develop their technical events further, with additional seminars planned in other business sectors. To learn more about this or future events or to discuss their service offering available to the refractory industry, email or visit the contact page.

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