Sprayable concrete fillers

Minerals provide various benefits to sprayable concrete including barrier formation, shrinkage reduction, decorative effects and reduction of water usage.

Mica is widely used in sprayable concrete for thermal insulation properties, to provide a moisture barrier effect and to reduce shrinkage. MicaFort, improves dimensional stability and reduces shrinkage, lowers weight, increases fire resistance and thermal insulation properties.

With MagnaDense it is possible to make a concrete with a density of 4 t/m³, some 60 % heavier than normal concrete. LKAB Minerals also has the flexibility to create concrete with a density of up to 5.9 t/m³ using other suitable aggregates. MagnaDense can be used in a variety of applications including as a Shotcrete for pipe coating.

Olivine can be used in sprayable concrete as an aggregate and will produce a concrete with better thermal conduction abilities than that of standard concrete aggregates.  This mineral has a green colouration which will be imparted to the dry concrete; Olivine is available in a variety of grain sizes.

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