Seed identification

Seed identification is critical for the agricultural industry; minerals can be used to provide a high quality coating.

MicaFort can be used in seed coatings due to the low moisture content of the mineral which will help with the prevention of seed rot or early germination and due to the potassium content which can feed seedlings upon germination.

MicaFort will also help in the production of a coating with good flowability during planting of the seeds. Different Mica grades have an excellent bronze colouration which is a very distinguishable colour or an excellent sheen and will accept pigmentation/colouration very well.

Bentonite is also used for coating seeds; this clay based mineral encapsulates the seed which on exposure to moisture will swell. This application requires a calcium bentonite as it will release the seed once it is wetted due to moisture forcing the clay plates apart. Bentonite can be coloured by the seed coating manufacturer if required.

Application expert

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Technical Sales Manager

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