Refractory mineral blends

As well as offering a range of virgin and reclaimed refractory minerals, LKAB Minerals offer a service of layering, blending and mixing of materials to specific customer recipes.

This layering process can combine up to seven materials, supplying the aggregate portion of a customer’s refractory product recipe. The mixing provision takes the process further and incorporates smaller additions to complete the recipe.

This service can be advantageous for small production units who may have occasional issues with capacity, or where maintenance down time is unavoidable. The blended refractory recipes are supplied packaged as requested by the end customer.

There are many cost and time saving advantages to utilising this service including:

  • Large scale batches which all meet consistent and accurate recipes.
  • negates the need for on-site blending
  • No surplus raw materials and subsequently less wastage
  • less storage space required as there is no need for separate raw material stocks
  • will ensure the delivery is fulfilled just- in-time if required

Application expert

Carl Kaighin
Technical Sales Manager

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