Recycled refractory minerals

Global demand for refractories, increases in the cost of raw materials and freight and environmental pressures have led to companies seeking cheaper, more sustainable alternatives for refractory applications. At LKAB Minerals used refractory products are sourced from reliable suppliers and are then processed to customer requirements.

The process of recycling used bricks and castables involves; the complete removal of any contamination predominantly by hand;  categorisation by chemistry;  crushing and screening. The regular sampling of batches for chemical analysis ensures the consistency of the material, and enables correct classification.

Refractory material recycling

Our range of recycled materials include:

  • Firebrick
  • Hi Alumina Brick
  • Alumina/Mag Carbon (AMC)
  • Mid Alumina D
  • Mid Alumina A
  • Mid Alumina DS
  • Hard Brown Magnesite Brick
  • Mag-Carbon
  • Silicon Carbide Brick
  • Almag
  • Bauxite Brick
  • Mag Chrome Brick

A range of recycled refractory minerals is offered by LKAB Minerals

LKAB Minerals’ recycled range is available in a choice of standard and non-standard grades and can be blended with other virgin or reclaimed refractory materials and additives to specific recipes supplied by the customer.

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Application expert

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