Polymer fillers

When used in plastics mica, a functional filler, imparts many benefits such as the significant increase of the plastic's stiffness. UltraCarb, another polymer filler, is a halogen-free fire retardant for plastics.

One advantage is the platy nature of mica; the particles align in the same direction during moulding. MicaFort greatly reduces distortion and stiffens the polymer part. Mica is inert and can be used in variety of polymer types and end use applications. Excellent mechanical properties can be achieved with mica addition levels as low as 10 to 20%.

UltraCarb has a unique 3-stage fire retardant mechanism. It is used in a wide range of polymers such as PE, PP and PVC.

Polymer fillers special properties

The main physical properties of MicaFort include:

  • Plate-like particles with a high aspect ratio
  • Chemical inertness
  • Barrier forming ability
  • High thermal stability
  • High dielectric strength and electrical insulator

The physical properties of UltraCarb include:

  • cementitious char formation
  • unique 3-stage fire retardant mechanism
  • endothermic mechanisms allow high heat absorption

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