Drilling mud

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In the drilling muds and drilling cemets used in oil drilling wells LKAB Minerals offer a range of minerals for inclusion in these systems.

LKAB Minerals offer MicaFort products for oil drilling fluids. For use in different porous rock drilling fluids; MicaFort is available in different particle sizes from small to large flakes which block the rock pores, preventing fracturing and falls into boreholes.

The range of Bentonite products for the oil drilling industry can be used in various applications. In vertical well systems our high quality general drilling grade of Bentonite can be used in most applications including slurry walls, cut-off trenches, piling and tunnelling. Where fast development of high viscosity suspensions is required, in small bore horizontal drilling applications for example, Bentonite DF - HY is suitable. In horizontal directional drilling Bentonite DF - HD is an ultra-high yield Bentonite providing good borehole integrity. 

For the mobile oil storage tanks that are used at smaller oil fields MagnaDense can be used in the concrete of the prefabricated boxes. As a high density aggregate MagnaDense is used to weigh the tank where the concrete can be up to 2m high.

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