Offshore wind power

The heavyweight MagnaDense natural mineral benefits offshore wind turbine constructions to keep these floating or ballasted to the seabed.

The increasing use of offshore wind power around the world has shown a growing need for heavy weight to ballast the renewable energy turbines. LKAB Minerals supplies high density MagnaDense to offshore wind projects, either as loose ballast or mixed into concrete. Our MagnaDense, manufactured from the mineral Magnetite, reaches densities up to 5.2 t/m3.

Heavy weight MagnaDense is in many ways very suitable to provide enough weight for offshore wind projects

Wind mill foundations stay put with heavy weight aggregate

When constructed, the wind turbines require secure foundations that are unaffected by undersea currents and lifetime abrasion. By nature these foundations need to have a considerable weight in order to withstand the motions of the sea and the stresses imposed by the rotating blades.

This is where MagnaDense, manufactured from natural iron ore fits in your wind project. Due to its high density and the favourable conditions under water, the product range of MagnaDense is a perfect fit for your offshore wind project.Archimedes principle shows advantage of heavy MagnaDense concrete used under water

MagnaDense balances floating wind turbines

For both gravity base wind structures or floating wind platforms MagnaDense either as ballast or filled concrete are utilised. MagnaDense is used when more density is required than would be achievable from conventional aggregates and concrete. Using MagnaDense for ballasting the foundations of these wind turbine units offers stability and long underwater lifetime.

Logistics and availability for world-wide wind projects

Wherever your offshore wind project will be based, we help you to find the best logistic solution for the MagnaDense supply. Mined from group owned resources in Kiruna or Malmberget in Northern Sweden, the iron oxide aggregate is taken to the harbour of Luleå (Sweden) or Narvik (Norway). Here it is stored in silos or transported to strategic stock locations. We also supply offshore projects directly to the customers’ required location on sea.

Watch below video that explains the origin of our high density natural mineral in detail, the logistic routes and the service we can provide to your offshore wind project.

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