Mouldable and Ramming Refractory Products

Mouldable mixes are refractories which are installed by hammering or ramming and have sufficient plasticity to mould to whatever shape is required. Ramming mixes usually contain a plastic clay which is tempered with water, de-aired and extruded into blocks.

Ramming mixes contain the same refractory aggregates as mouldables but are supplied in a damp granular form ready for installation using pneumatic rammers. The mix, containing refractory minerals and clay, can also include organic plasticisers.

LKAB Minerals offer a wide range of virgin alumino-silicate and magnesia refractory minerals as well as a range of recycled alumina and magnesia based aggregates sourced from reclaimed bricks. Additionally, LKAB Minerals offer a layering and blending service which can combine up to 7 materials, supplying the aggregate portion of a customer’s monolithic refractory product recipe.

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