Refractory raw materials

LKAB Minerals supply a wide range of high quality refractory raw materials to industries ranging from foundry and steel to chemical and incineration.

The materials we supply are used in the manufacture of fired and monolithic refractory products for high temperature applications. LKAB Minerals' refractory materials can be predominantly divided into two main groups: alumino-silicate and magnesia.

Bauxite mineral for the refractories industry

Mineral products for this industry include alumina, bauxite, magnesite, olivine, fluorspar, mica and wollastonite alongside other products including slag darts, steel and other refractory products.

Olovine mineral for the refractories industry

Our processing facilities give us excellent control over quality and logisitics.  We use the very latest equipment to prepare materials to precise customer specifications, working with our customers to devise new products and blends that deliver significant cost savings.

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Application expert

Vicky Yates
Sales Manager, Refractory Minerals & Olivine

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