Minerals for decorative coatings

LKAB Minerals manufacture and supply a wide range of minerals for use in decorative coatings including mica, marble powders, talc, chalk whiting and barytes.

When MicaFort is used in matt decorative wall coatings they will show improved sheen control and significant mud cracking reduction in high PVC coatings. Roof, wood and tile coatings gain improved crack resistance and UV stability during prolonged external exposure when MicaFort is included in the formulation.

Talc can be used in solvent and waterborne paint applications as a filler or extender of expensive pigments. As Talc is off-white in colour it's use in surface coatings is in primers where it will increase paint stability.

Chalk whiting is used in paints to provide body, adjust sheen, increase viscosity and extend expensive pigments.

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