High density minerals

LKAB Minerals offers two minerals for increasing the density of a variety of polymer products.

LKAB Minerals develop and market Magnetite, a natural iron oxide (Fe3O4) with unique properties. MagniF is the brand name for Magnetite grades which can be used as a filler in polymers and rubbers.

MagniF is an environmentally friendly material that offers high density, purity and thermal as well as electrical conductivity.

High filler levels can be reached in a great variety of polymers without surface treatment of the filler particles. In a PP a density of over 3 g/cm3 can be reached without problems by extrusion and/or injection moulding. When using inline compounding 3.5 g/cm3 is attainable. High density compounds are mainly used in sound dampening applications.

Application expert

Peter Duifhuis
Business Development Manager MagniF

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