Gunning materials

Gunning materials are high temperature refractory materials which are placed using varying types of Gunning equipment through a nozzle with additions of Water and Air. These materials are designed so as to stick in place and set quickly when being applied to the required area such as walls and roofs.

Due to the nature of their placement using compressed air, their particle size is smaller than general castables, this aids in the reduction of rebound off the wall.

Gunning materials are used in a range of industries from Incineration and Petrochemical, to Iron and Steel business sectors.

LKAB Minerals offer a wide range of virgin alumino-silicate and magnesia refractory minerals as well as a range of recycled alumina and magnesia based aggregates sourced from reclaimed bricks. Additionally, LKAB Minerals offer a layering and blending service which can combine up to seven materials, supplying the aggregate portion of a customer’s monolithic refractory product recipe.

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