Earthing systems

The sodium Bentonite that LKAB Minerals manufacture is well suited for use for various electrical earthing systems.

The main function of Bentonite is providing moisture retention to the soil which in turn ensures any conductive minerals in the lower levels will not remain conductors of electricity. 

There are various earthing applications where Bentonite is utilised; to earth electrodes the Bentonite is used as a back-fill material aiding the reduction of resistivity of the soil. In deep drive electrode boreholes the Bentonite slurry is injected ensuring that there is full rod contact down to the bottom of the hole.

Bentonite has been proven to improve earthing by up to 10 times, LKAB Minerals offer both granular and powdered Bentonite for use in various situations such as boreholes or trenches.

Application expert

Glyn Thomas
Sales Manager, Bentonite

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