Composite materials

Related industry uses: Solid surfacing, Composite materials products

ATH and DekorFlake are key ingredients in the composite material referred to as solid surfacing (or artificial stone or synthetic marble/onyx).

Solid surfacing that is widely used for kitchen, bathroom and laboratory counter tops benefits from the addition of ATH as it assists with most of the properties required for this material. Our ATH product has exceptional whiteness, good translucency, is resistant to chemicals and weathering (also providing water resistance), is a natural fire retardant and provides impact resistance to the material. ATH is a soft mineral which contributes to making solid surfacing machinable. Loading levels of between 40 to 70% of ATH provides the best properties.

DekorFlake can be incorporated into polyester or acrylic resins used to make solid surfacing providing sparkle or natural stone effects. The addition levels will vary depending on the effect desired; the stability and resistance of DekorFlake  are beneficial for this application.


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