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Minerals for the world

Modern life would be impossible without minerals. They are used in the production of everything from paint to cosmetics, water treatment to sound proofing, concrete to ceramics. LKAB Minerals mine, process and manufacture minerals for every conceivable application.

The company

LKAB Minerals is internationally active in the industrial minerals market, with a leading position in a number of product applications. We engineer minerals for functionality and usability – with a focus on sustainability. We serve customers worldwide via a network of companies across Europe, the USA and Asia. More.


Values are at the core of LKAB Minerals – our values are Committed, Innovative and Responsible. More.


Quality is the guiding principle in everything we do at LKAB Minerals and is monitored throughout all aspects of our operations. More.

R & D

Research and development plays a key role at LKAB Minerals. More.


LKAB Minerals has operations in many countries on different continents where we comply with local laws and regulations. But the Group’s environmental and energy policy, which is often far more stringent than local legislation, guides operations in our production facilities throughout the world. More.

LKAB Minerals


  • Subsidiary to LKAB
  • Since 1989
  • Employees 325
  • Sales 2015 164 MEUR

More information

  1. Environmental policy
  2. Quality policy
  3. Statement on conflict minerals
  4. Code of Conduct